TETON in Transit



There's no shortage of things you can do with a Ford Transit van. Take TETON Sports, for example. They converted one such van into a camping-mobile of sorts. You can view that process in the video here: http://www.tetonsports.com/yourlead.htm. For what purpose, you may ask?

"On May 9th," reads their website, "TETON Sports will be sending our ambassadors crisscrossing through the US and Canada in a retrofitted van (hand built by us) sharing the stoke of getting outdoors, hosting meetups, and recycling used gear along the way. Get their attention by using the #yourlead tag and interacting with them on Twitter and Instagram (@yourlead_van) and connecting with TETON Sports via social media. They may stop by a trail near you, so bring along your old gear to a meetup and we'll help to recycle it through the Trade-Up program with Gear Forward."

What would YOU do with a new Transit? Come and tell us at Northgate Ford, located at 8940 Colerain Avenue in Cincinnati.

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