Ford tests the upcoming 2017 Super Duty for camper cabin hauling capacity

When it comes to making some of the most capable purpose-built trucks on the road today, no one does it better than Ford. And what that "purpose" is? Well, that's up to you. Ford engineers and tests its trucks to take on whatever you can throw at them, whether its work or play. This week, Ford released some footage from its Arizona Proving Grounds of the upcoming 2017 Ford Super Duty taking on a very unique set of tests.

While the 2017 Super Duty is shaping up to be one of the most capable work trucks to hit the market later this year, this test was focused on not how it works, but how it plays. Specifically, how well the vehicle could haul a load that shifted its center of gravity, like a large slide-in recreational camping cabin. Utilizing a specially made, 7,500-pound steel superstructure to simulate the effect an equipped cabin would have on the truck, the 2017 Super Duty was put through the paces, performing high-speed slalom runs and emergency lane change procedures to ensure the vehicle and its payload would stay upright and steady, no matter what.

We're proud to say today that the 2017 Super Duty passed with flying colors, firmly cementing its place among the most capable vehicles to hit the market this year. So if you'd like to learn more about this well-tested upcoming Ford truck, visit us at Northgate Ford for more information.

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