The Ford Fusion Sport makes pothole problems a thing of the past!

Around here, people say there are two seasons; winter and road work. Every year, the first thaw brings a fresh landscape of giant holes in the asphalt, ready to wreak havoc on our suspensions and plop that fresh cup of coffee right into our laps. If the very thought of potholes makes you grind your teeth, fret not, because Ford Motor Company has a solution to your post-winter woes.

Enter the all-new 2017 Ford Fusion Sport. Ford has engineered this vehicle with a nifty new feature, pothole detection. When the vehicle detects a pothole coming up, it sends a signal to the shocks to adapt and brace themselves. With this technology, the Fusion Sport trivializes the jarring thump the pot hole delivers and allows the driver to continue on unscathed. How cool is that?

The 2017 Ford Fusion Sport won't go on sale until this summer but this feature has got us excited already. So if you're interested in the 2017 Fusion Sport or any other fine Ford vehicles, visit us at Northgate Ford for a test drive today!

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